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Never Grow Up

Children grow up faster than we want our hearts to imagine though its true. Before you know it your little preschooler is graduating and all you have left are your memories.

This is where we come in,

we will create that memory for you so you can share with them and their children when that time comes.

Children session include anything your child is involved in right now or something special coming up. It can be a birthday to show how old they are turning , a sport they are involved in, siblings , cousins or best friends.

It could be "Just Because" they are growing up so darn fast .

Our children sessions are fun, fun, fun.  These sessions do take time and a lot of patience which I feel we are pretty good at this. We want to see those real smiles, that laughter, maybe a pout or if it calls for it, some of that all natural child attitude. 

Candid is so much better than pose but we do help in directing with some posing depending on what we are trying to capture. The rest is in the child him/herself. We create on location sites that fit both the child/children/parent and (me) the photographer. I do not time these sessions so that no one is rushed. Children tend to have a mind of their own and I will need that time to build a connection. The one thing I have found is children will get bored fast if it feels like too much work. Most sessions take about an hour, though if longer time is needed we will continue to work until they say no more.

For these sessions we create a story line for them and they play their part which helps us get those images you are wanting. This is basically a play time for your child and they should feel comfortable and less afraid of a camera or myself. I want them to get to know me a little bit before we start their session and not be distracted by whom is around them or worry about the camera in my hand.

 When you feel you are ready to book we will set a time to have a no obligation consultation. This is your time to get to know me and make that decision if I'm the right photographer for your family.  I will discuss with the parent / parents regarding their child / children, things such as (Are they shy?, What do they like?, Favorite stories) and anything else I should know that will help with my meeting and involvement of your loved one. We will also discuss where Mom /Dad should be during the shoot.  Some cases mom / dad will be close by but not in arms reach while other times mom / dad may need to stand directly behind me.  We will also discuss wardrobe, choice of location and props of any kind such as smash cakes, balloons, or personal memorabilia that should be entered into your images.


Consultation: This is when we will discuss the personality of your child, what wardrobe to wear, location of choice and any props that are needed .

Unlimited time: (Usually 1 - 2 hours)

Unlimited number of children in photo session

(Note: the more children involved the less time that will be spent on an individual as this will become a group sessions instead of individual)

Location of choice (with in the Brevard area)  (travel time to and from / equipment and setup )

Online Gallery for your view with password protection

Full editing services.

We check for everything, from a little dirt spot that's not intended being in the session to any boo boos that shouldn't be in your child's photo. I've even edited children's snot when not captured prior to the photo taken.  So yes !  We will do our best to edit anything  to insure  they look their best.

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