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Whether you have a very special occasion coming about or your just wanting to get with your lover to update some of those photos in your home, then you've come to the right place.

We LOVE Romance.

No matter what the occasion is we will help you every step along the way.

Candid is so much better than pose but we do help direct with posing to capture that look you will want in your photos.  It will feel like a model shoot for Lovers.

But to pre warn you I will be after that true emotion of Love and Happiness and we will work our magic being as corny as we are to get it. We want you to be natural. We do not expect you to pose this way, pose that way, don't move and fake smile. We want the REAL deal.

Silly stuff may happen...

I do not time these sessions so that no one is rushed. 

This is a time for you to enjoy with your loved one. I'm just the paparazzi behind the scene trying to capture your love affair. With this in mind you have time to breathe, relax and feel comfortable, just you and your lover. There is no worry of who is watching or what is going on around you, its just the two of you, the world and me of course.


I may ask you to do things, some things you will just do such as "look at me", or "give a kiss" and others you may be like .WHAT?? such as "Do cart wheels" In this case you don't have to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing. This is about having fun and making a joyous time out of your session. Some things will make a for a good photo opportunity but we will never pressure anyone into anything.


We create on location session that will fit with your planning ideas. Remember this is all about the two of you . You can either tell me where you want to plan your session or I can give some choices depending on the information you give me during our consultation.  Your session will be built customized entirely around you . If this is something more than just photo session that I may need to hide in bushes to get those special emotion shots, I will hide in some bushes, hop behind trees or whatever else I need to do to capture it, it will be done.

When you feel you are ready to book, we will do a no obligation consultation so I can get a good idea of what you are wanting to plan. This is your time to get to know me and make that decision if I am the right photographer for this beautiful Romance Rendezvous. We will chit chat a bit and go over dates, times, choices of locations and wardrobe. We will also discuss if any props such as balloons, wine, cake or flowers will be needed. Specialties also can be requested to your session such as music, maybe a favorite love song or genre of music that you may want us to play during your session.


Consultation: This is when we will discuss your plans, what wardrobe to wear, location of choice and any props that are needed .

Follow up call a few days prior to your session to go over everything set in place

Unlimited time: (Usually 1 - 2 hours)

Location of choice (with in the Brevard area)  (travel time to and from / equipment and setup )

Online Gallery for your view with password protection

Full editing services.

We check for everything, No one is absolutely perfect. If there is a blemish or something that is interrupting your photo we will remove it, whiten teeth if needed and soften skin with the promise to insure you that you will look your best.


Whether your celebrating an Engagement, Anniversary, Proposal, a special memory for example: first place we met or just because your in love with that special person, this is the session for you.

We are here to create a day to remember with your lover. 

The best part about this session is that you supply us with the info we need and we will do the rest on creating a romantic rendezvous to capture your emotions through out your session.

 This is one of many memories you will want to share along the way as the two of you grow old in love together.

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