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What to Wear to your Photo Shoot

So your about to have your photo shoot and your wondering "What do I Wear?" Keep in mind these photos are treasured memories of your story to be told. We want you to look your very best, so that you stand out amongst the rest. Clothing is the biggest part of your photo session, this is why we put together a "what to do" help guide to get you prepared.


Traditionally most find themselves sticking to one solid color, usually all white or all black. This can make a good photo.  However, adding color, patterns and some texture can really bring your picture to life.  Color is all around us and when we apply this to our photos it makes them POP.


Coordinate, Do not match!!! Be who you are and mix patterns with colors.  It's ok as long as we follow a few guidelines. Coordinate with each other to find colors and patterns that will mix well together. Try to stick with smaller patterns so that not one person sticks out more than the other. For example: If Mom is in a printed dress, (She's the Star) you will not want other prints that will clash. Instead each member that will be in the photo with her, should follow with a solid color or a matching print in synch with the color of her dress.







Faded clothing and clothing with logos are a big  no no as this will only take away from the person wearing it. Be bold and creative. We all want that ah ha moment. Add accessories but do not drown the subject out. simple hints or accents will do wonders for your shoot. Compliment the main star of the show by selecting similar style, texture or colors for the others involved. This will allow for creative shots. The accessories may double as props or at least allow for variety during the session.

Layers and Texture will be your best friend. If you want dimension in a black and white shot, add layers and texture. If you want to bring the eyes or a specific area out , texture will assist you. You can use a variety of layers to achieve different feel. If you layer patterns with color and add an accessory in the mix, you will have a picture with more definition and depth. This really brings harmony to the photo when contrasted with a soft color palette.

"Props with purpose", I always say.  When you introduce a prop, it should be a piece of the story but not overbearing. Use these objects to enhance the shoot. Make sure they are only there to bring the package together. Be careful not to overdo the props or you could lose your creative composition.

Shoes make the Shot! Choose the shoes that get your message out. If you want to convey a western or rugged theme, use boots. Classy or sassy, heels are the go to every time.  Picking the right foot wear will really bring the photo together. This will be another opportunity to match accessories.













But the most important thing to bring with you, Is your smile! Have Fun! This is a time to enjoy being you and if taking photos with others, its a time to be happy sharing in memories with them.










For Engagement Shoots

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