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Photography is more than just a photograph. It is everything going on in the moment. For as long as I can remember I had an appreciation for the arts. Drawing and painting always helped me explore my creative side. However when I held a 35 mm camera for the first time, my life would never be the same. I couldn't wait to get to the lab and see what masterpieces I captured. 

   When my daughter was born 20 years ago I was so involved in capturing her every moment. Being that she is a dancer from age two till present, I followed her as her personal paparazzi.  I should have invested in Kodak at that time with all the images I had developed. 
     Technology changed and I found myself pushing new boundaries, learning new techniques. I am continuously challenging myself to learn and keep up with new trends in the field.  From Art School to Digital Camera courses I have involved myself amongst  the professionals in order to build growth in my knowledge and passion in my love.

     New ideas for that "never done" shoot , or cutting edge technique are running through my mind from the moment I wake to the minute I rest my head for the night. I cant remember a time where something I saw did not inspire me to grab a camera.

     A photo should draw you in. It should capture you, to the point you lose your breath for just a second. You should feel like you were present at the time the lens was focused. Or remember the moment for all it was when you were present.

     My work has a lasting impression. I strive for a level that is above the norm. I capture details and focus on what will make the best story for my clients. These are precious memories that will be held in their hearts forever.

    This is what I do. This is who I am. This is Capemo Photography.

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